How does “perfectionism”affect your life? Past & Present

Let me just say starting off how strongly I feel about this! I am currently surrounded by perfectionists and in fact it is driving me insane! I’ve always been very hard on myself. This has it’s pros and it’s cons because it has led me to follow through on everything I do like it or not. It has helped me earn my education, pay for it, work at life and improving in every area of it… but what it does not do is make me calm. I will never date anyone again who cannot keep themselves from “correcting” every move I make. I don’t even think it’s because I’m doing things wrong I think they just had some compulsions going on… OK so…

Presently I have given up much of needing to be “perfect”. I love swearing, makeup, crowns, and being straight forward. I’m not gonna apologize18068_1 Gold Twin Planes for it either. I’m not trash I’ve earned everything I got. I currently don’t make a fortune, but I’m going to and when I do I will be on jets all over the world, have multiple houses, and multiple cars and won’t feel bad about it. After all I will have done it, not a man for me..

Here’s to life!

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