30 Day Blog Wrap Up!

This was fantastic for me! Writing is a great catalyst for expression just like pictures and I know you wouldn’t think it by reading what I write but a lot of my life shut me down and made me timid. I’m not that way when I write or take pictures, love both!  When I write it’s like the flood gates poured my soul open. I enjoyed reading other’s views on some things I’m not as well studied in as they are but I’m learning. It was a terrific week for me, gained exposure and traction in a lot of areas. I eat up challenges like birthday cake & it’s the passion in life that will get us to our purpose!  Getting closer to these goals I’m setting and I see it. I would def do this 4 times a year.594903703_773885


4 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Wrap Up!

  1. I loved doing this challenge too! I found it personally challenging sometimes with the subject matters we were given to write about, but I mostly managed to get some thoughts up on the blog. It was fab reading everyone else’s posts too, and I feel like I’ve got a whole new online ‘spiritual’ family. Blessings to you! Andrea


  2. I loved “the floodgates poured my soul open.” I couldn’t agree with you more. I also agree that doing this 3-4 times a year would be amazing! Thanks for sharing your love and wisdom and I look forward to future posts and challenges with you!


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