What I wish I knew 20 years ago..

That life is painful for everyone at some point. That friends have seasons in our lives they aren’t always meant for forever relationships same thing for blood relative family. There are some issues where boundaries are the most healthy and keeping the distance from toxicity no matter the person is good, they will get through it w/out you and sometimes it takes that to learn what they need to. That ice cream and pie always taste good. That death isn’t scary, it’s just sad and only for a short time then we come to terms with it and it doesn’t hold the same power. That mistakes are inevitable and everyone makes them. That soul mates don’t always last forever even if you marry them and that’s ok because things happen and people split up, it doesn’t make us less it can actually make us value ourselves more.That while abuse of all kinds is not ok it does not have to define us or take over every aspect of our lives unless we let it.

xoxo Dedicated to my Selena..go forward you cannot change your past but you can live honorableSelena Morgen July 2014 for your future

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