What’s your favorite cause? Here’s an endorsement for one of mine ;)

Holistic wellness community center: Ventura CA

WaterfallCompany Purpose

We plan to empower the local community to be more mindful of their individual choices that are affecting themselves and the planet. Our true target market is all human beings, ages 0 to 100, in every culture, internationally. For this reason, we have three causes that we will ascribe to through our business practices, programs and services – an individual, community and global cause:

  • INDIVIDUAL HUMAN POTENTIAL CAUSE: To offer programs and services that teach individuals and families how to access their innate healing abilities by aligning to their personal truths, resolving limiting beliefs, listening to intuition, unconditional self-love, and compassionate loving kindness, thereby creating the necessary mind-body-spirit connections for deeper somatic awareness and inner peacefulness.
  • ONE LOVE COMMUNITY CAUSE: To offer programs and services that teach Permaculture and sustainability skills for healthier practices for humanity and the planet, and to empower the community to be stewards for the Earth and live in peace with all living things.
  • GLOBAL UNITY CAUSE: To become a catalyst for positive societal change through our online humanity coaching, service-learning, and global citizenship programs, to help create the tipping point needed for humanity to transition to a peaceful society.

We are creating this business based on the concept of Social Entrepreneurism:

“Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change. Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps…Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change society for the better.” (Source: https://www.ashoka.org/social_entrepreneur)

The Holistic Wellness Community Center has been created for and by people and inspired by the social enterprise opportunities of our human organization. It is firmly committed to sustainability, constant improvement and customer satisfaction in order to generate wealth in our local economy through business development and the creation of cooperative employment, which:

    • Is based on a firm commitment to cooperation and uses democratic methods for organization and management.
    • Fosters participation and the involvement of people in the management, profits and ownership of their companies, developing a shared project which unites social, business and personal progress.
    • Fosters training and innovation through the development of human and technological skills, applying its own Management Model aimed at helping companies become market leaders and fostering cooperation.

Addressing Local Issues for the Greater Good of Humanity:

  • Scarce opportunities for health equity and food security;
  • Large-scale unemployment and poverty in Ventura County;
  • Socioeconomic inequality of Ventura County residents; and,
  • A commitment to integrate humanist values into business.

Company Director

Stephanie Bucklin - Executive Director

Stephanie Bucklin – Executive Director

Stephanie is a mover and a shaker of the Ventura community. She loves to rock the boat for social justice. She knows just how to create a positive impact on others. She has built businesses that developed from her passion – teaching others to love themselves and each other better is her true purpose in life. Stephanie has developed a keen sense of Human Wellness Enhancement through multiple resources such as her current degree work in Holistic Health Studies, Philosophy and Natural Science at Ventura College, long-term research for a book in progress, and regular visits to her local library. As a result both her educational immersion and her personal success losing over 100 pounds through nutritional awareness, she has become personally motivated to assist other human beings reach their own wellness goals. Stephanie recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher certification at The Yoga Channel at Silverstrand Beach.

Starting with Love Warrior Prints in 2006, she created homemade t-shirts and banners expressing statements of love and healing, setting her original intention of “Changing the World, One Human at a Time.” She shared her custom-designed t-shirts and banners with her friends, spreading love energy and inspiration to everyone who knew her. [NOTE: Banners and t-shirts are still available in limited supply! Inquire at the Center.] In early 2011, she built Love Warrior Consulting, which was created to utilize all of her skills to the best of her abilities for the purpose of creating positive change in the world. Services offered include wellness & life coaching, yoga instruction, event planning, and motivational public speaking. Her Holistic Wellness Coaching Program has been transforming humans since 2012.


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