What’s the #1 thing on your vision board?

We hear a lot especially if we are in healing circles about vision boards. What exactly is a vision board and how do you use it? Vision boards are helpful to use when planning out your exact steps to reach a goal. You fill them with pictures, quotes, whatever is useful for you to more clearly see and define your actual goals. I love them and have made several over the years. It is important to revisit and adjust and keep them visible because it can get tiring to relentlessly pursue and goal and fell frustrated because you are not reaching it as quickly as you might like to and as our circumstances and milestones are reach goals change.Chcic Posh Romancejpeg vision board

There are people with strong feelings about the word “ego”. I personally agree with the perspective of a Leo medium on the subject and she said something close to “If we don’t have an ego and sometimes a very strong one we won’t get anything done in life and business” Now this was relevant to be because I was preached to a lot about “being humble” & “being nice”. Guess what? While those two traits have their purpose and time to use if you put them ahead of yourself  at the expense of being yourself and expressing yourself while letting  things go on that no one should be having to tolerate it can be one of the worst things you ever do to yourself!!!

Another thing I believe everyone should have is a “bucket list”. This is a list you make of all the things you would like to do before you die. Feel free to make this list super long and get started taking ACTION to do the things on it. Some people start one then put it in a drawer somewhere and the things never get done. Don’t be that person, be a DOER & not just a DREAMER!

Sparkle On & Have a Terrific Tuesday!!


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