What’s your greatest accomplishment in life?! I’ll tell you if you tell me ;)

I’ve accomplished many things in my life. I’ve had nothing and I’ve had everything. When people want to judge you for having money it’s because of their own training about what that means and many false belief systems. I’ve worked so many hours in a week I was exhausted on every level emotionally, physically etc. There is no way to work as much as I have at one time and be functioning on an optimal level of well being. I have three associate degrees, a great work ethic, many friends & many haters. If you stand for what you believe in and are unapologetic about it there are always going to be people that disagree with you, this is not your tribe so move on and don’t worry about it. 😉 Tell me about you in the comment section 😉The-Winds-Resort-Gold-Star-Of-Excellence gstar


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