How do you use your spirituality??

I use mine in my work by recognizing that no matter what your “religion” is most come down to some core principles of living. For me that means using respect for others, working with them using language that they can understand, finding out what they want their lives to look like and going from there. I’ve gone all across the spectrum with this concept. I started out in my young twenties believing strongly in God and the church. I came to find out after 12 years of that just how much of it is sham for some ludicrous decision making processes and incorrect people training. I’m now at the place where I’m about clearing energy fields, removing blocks subconscious or otherwise preventing you from getting where you want to go, chakra clearing and aligning and tarot. We all have the power to achieve, do, and be from utilizing only our own inner power and the outside support systems we choose or don’t choose.Afternoon Delite


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